ABOUT YaoKahlil


Yao Kahlil received his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from the University of Buffalo, where he will also be receiving his Master's Degree in Theatre Performance in the Spring of 2020, and then pursuing a PhD in the Fall of 2020.

As an emerging scholar, Yao Kahlil's research draws from the disciplines of Theatre Performance, Transantional Studies and Media Study. With influences such as Artists  Kara Walker, Nick Cave and Playwrights Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson & Dominique Morriseau, his interdisciplinary work strives to explore the performativity of Identity Politics and uses

social experiments, performance art, exhibitions and art installations to understand trans-racial identities, specifically intraracial apsects of transracialism. Additionally, discovering how various forms of media can be used to further the stories we tell is a key component of his work.


"With the current state of global pandemic, isolation and quarantine, practitioners of theatre and art are placed in an unprecedented and unique position of relying on technology to reach audiences in ways not previously, thoroughly understood. This is where the creativity of true artists is sharpened, and great new forms of pedagogy and performance are birthed. I hope to be part of that movement."

- YaoKahlil 

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