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A favorite of Yao Kahlil, he will be directing A Raisin in the Sun, the iconic stage play and film by Lorraine Hansberry at the renowned Paul Robeson Theatre of Buffalo, NY, where he serves as the Artistic Director. ARITS highlights the Younger family during a time when culturally mixed neighborhoods were frowned upon. The family experiences life's ups and downs as each member of the younger family learns to adjust to the hand they have been dealt, overcoming against all odds.

This production runs for three weeks during the month of June 2022.



Held at Buffalo's historic African American Cultural Center, Facing Our Truth is a short play series that features vignettes highlighting social injustices and how the Black community engages with them from generation to generation.

Each show will feature a talkback session with the audience members to discuss and strategize how to move forward.

Night Vision by Dominique Morisseau - Directed by Linda Barr

Dressing by Mona Mansour & Tala Manassah - Directed by Yao Kahlil Newkirk

Queen Mary's Roundtable Written & Directed by Yao Kahlil Newkirk

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Held at Buffalo's historic African American Cultural Center, Now You See Me is an immersive installation featuring interactive story time with actors followed by a self-guided glow-in-the-dark tour. 

This installation highlights the roots system of Black America. It acknowledges the foundation of the Black family and how those roots are the pathway that guides one from birth to becoming an ancestor.



We are super excited that the wait is almost over!!! In just a few short months, the stage production Purple Roots, an autobiographical work, will debut. Join us as our protagonist King David battles the memory of his past while learning to understand the multiple voices in his head. Or are they in his head?

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University of Buffalo's Katharine Cornell Theatre May 2019

 MAY 19th-20th, 2018


COMING TO THE ALLEYWAY THEATRE! A series of tributes to African-Americans in various art forms; Theatre, Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Film & Music. There will be tributes to legends such as Billie Holiday, Professor Iris Stevenson McCullough, Cab Calloway, and reenactments of classic scenes from productions like 

A Raisin in the Sun & The Women of Brewster Place. Featuring choreography from Lilibeth Javier and with vocalists Darcel Blue, Angie Stanfield, Jaimier Hennegan, Alaina Cottrell, Gabriel, Delcina Butler, Tequoyah Newkirk, Intisar Cooks & many more!

Tickets $20. Group rates available. Call 716.717.2292 for prices, sponsorships, and to pay by phone!

Black, is Just Black!



Come and witness the highly anticipated debut of Indie Artist/Singer/Songwriter YAO KAHLIL! His Ecclectic blend of Soul, Funk & Hip Hop with a Gospel Flare is sure to inspire your creative self and make you wanna dance!

Come meet our Special Guest "Goo Goo" from WE Tv's Mary Mary!

You'll even be able to wish him a Happy 35th Birthday as he celebrates with all of his family, friends, and fans!

Each ticket includes food, beverage and a FREE Download of the Single!

With a few wardrobe surprises and special guests, you don't want to miss the opportunity to say that YOU WERE THERE!

Seating is limited so buy your tickets today!


**Disclaimer: This is a LIVE Video Taping. The purchase of your ticket is also your consent to be videotaped and/or recorded, and for the footage of any kind that may include you to be used for all marketing, advertising and media purposes.